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New Owners

9th March 2022

SIF Health Exciting News

16th November 2021

What's the best payment solution for my business?

16th August 2021

The 8 most costly mistakes therapy and exercise professionals make

29th July 2021

SIF Helping Hand Initiative

10th June 2021

SIF.Health launch: the evolution of Sports Injury Fix

17th May 2021

Making your social media time more efficient

29th April 2021

5 simple tips to save you lots of time

14th April 2021

Why you might want to be a farmer and not a hunter

17th March 2021

Put your own life jacket on first: why taking care of yourself first is not selfish

8th March 2021

Paper notes vs online: myth busting and what is best for me?

25th February 2021

Notifications and Reminders – Hints and Tips

24th February 2021

7 essential tips for successful re-opening

19th February 2021

Forms: 7 essential time saving tips to make your admin easier

17th January 2021

It’s hard to be told you’re non-essential

4th January 2021

10 simple steps for success in 2021

24th November 2020

Why the professional associations maybe the hidden heroes of COVID-19?

5th October 2020

Making change is hard, but it's time to throw out the filing cabinet

27th August 2020

How the recreational athlete can benefit from a professional approach to sports science and coaching

19th August 2020

Fearing technology - holding your hand to set you free

6th August 2020

How Data Can Help Therapists Understand and Manage Their Patients & Athletes

28th July 2020

Isokinetic Dynamometry: So Much More Than Isokinetics!

14th July 2020

Reflections of a locked down "hands on" physio

10th July 2020

Learning in lockdown: how was it for you?

27th June 2020

Reflections on Therapy Live: Has the learning landscape changed forever?

22nd June 2020

Taking payments during COVID-19: Whats the best way?

13th June 2020

Static Stretching: Are you wasting your time?

21st May 2020

Contemplating COVID-19: Will it be the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end of modern MSK care?

8th May 2020

Websites and why your online presence has never been more important

14th April 2020

Dashboards, destinations and directing the future

13th April 2020

What makes it a Sports Massage?

27th March 2020

Telehealth / Online Assessments - A step by step guide on how to get set up and thrive

26th March 2020

So you've set up online assessments......but nobody has booked in....should you panic?

24th March 2020

Top tips for the self employed at this difficult time

19th March 2020

Welcoming and Helping Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches

19th March 2020

What do I do now that the race or game is cancelled? The importance of maintaining regular exercise during  COVID-19

13th March 2020

Two essential steps to minimise the impact of Covid-19 on your therapy business

18th February 2020

The Top Tips to reducing injury in Rugby

12th February 2020

Top 3 tips to prevent admin becoming a burden

12th February 2020

Top 3 tips to reduce your admin burden

11th February 2020

The top tips for treating concussion injury in Rugby

30th January 2020

Reflections on The National Running Show 2020

23rd December 2019

Looking back to move forward – The Sports Injury Fix review 2019

3rd December 2019

Reflections on Therapy Expo 2019

25th November 2019

The 401 Foundation - USA 2020 Challenge

25th November 2019

Simplifying web marketing for therapists

20th November 2019

Less is much much more....some thoughts on exercise prescription

11th November 2019

Avatars.  What the hell are they?

28th October 2019

From Russia with love.........an insider's view from the Rugby World Cup

21st October 2019

RRReflection's on all things R’s

14th October 2019

Reflections on a CPD course

3rd October 2019

How to recover from a half marathon

30th September 2019

European Masters Athletics Venice 2019 - A report from one of our own!

10th September 2019

Three words to live by when marketing your healthcare business – Know, Like and Trust

22nd August 2019

Why I subscribed to Sports Injury Fix

20th August 2019

Who can benefit from Sports Therapy?

12th August 2019

Price vs Value: Why should I care what the difference is?

15th July 2019

Story telling in healthcare marketing

4th July 2019

Exciting Changes For Sports Injury Fix

10th June 2019

Fitness with the over 50's

29th May 2019

Sports Therapy Association and Sports Injury Fix Agree Partnership

23rd May 2019

Institute of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and Sports Injury Fix agree partnership

23rd May 2019

The Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists (ISRM) agrees partnership with Sports Injury Fix

15th May 2019

Reflections on The Body Power Expo 2019

3rd May 2019

How to recover from a spring marathon

23rd April 2019

Food For Thought - The Newly Qualified Sports Massage Therapist

15th April 2019

Getting a Grip on Grip Strength

8th April 2019

Is my menstrual cycle affecting my exercise and performance?

4th April 2019

"I'm just a Therapist" - It's time to value yourself more!

2nd April 2019

Manual Therapy - Hand's Up for "Hand's On!"

27th March 2019

Getting Stuck Into Kinesio Tape!

18th March 2019

Sports Injury Fix Q & A with Alix Popham - Former Welsh Rugby International

12th March 2019

How to return to running safely post partum

11th March 2019

Taking the time to market yourself well

6th March 2019

Under Pressure - dealing with the stress of fundraising for charity

15th February 2019

How to stay injury free for a Marathon

11th February 2019

Should I ask the internet for sports injury advice?

30th January 2019

How to stay injury free for a 5K PB!

30th January 2019

The National Running Show 2019 - Reflections on a fantastic weekend

28th January 2019

How to stay injury free for an Obstacle Race

16th January 2019

What to expect at the National Running Show Treatment Room

8th January 2019

How to stay injury free for your first 5K run

18th December 2018

The Do's and Don'ts of becoming a better Therapist

27th November 2018

Strength Training for Runners: Is it such a simple approach

25th November 2018

Free tickets for National Running Show

19th November 2018

What does it mean if a therapist is a member of an association?

8th November 2018

The Sports Injury Fix top 5 tips to running injury free

31st October 2018

What is Sports Massage, can it help treat and prevent sports injuries, and what do the qualification levels mean?

10th October 2018

The Role of Podiatry in sport

25th September 2018

Compression Garments in Sport - How can they benefit you, and the importance of clinical assessment

17th September 2018

Team GB Ultra Marathon Runner Robbie Britton's tips for staying injury free

11th September 2018

How to stay injury free ultra running: Tips from Team GB Ultra runner Dan Lawson

5th September 2018

Exciting new addition takes Sports Injury Fix to another level

23rd August 2018

Don't sweat the small stuff, but don't ignore it

1st August 2018

Cycling Injuries, Comebacks and Tour De France Success

28th July 2018

Rugby Injury Tips from ex Welsh Rugby International Gemma Hallett

13th July 2018

Royal approval of Sportsinjuryfix.com

19th June 2018

Going Even Longer...... How To Step-up To a Double Ironman

28th May 2018

20% off Bearhug Sports Compression and Support products

28th May 2018

Is taping a passive or active intervention?

14th May 2018

Sports Injury Fix Conference with Hartpury College

24th April 2018

12 hours free CPD at COPA and the Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Expo

24th April 2018

Completing the big six in your seventies

26th March 2018

How To Prevent Injury During Ironman Training

12th March 2018

Elite Sports Expo and Copa Series 2018

4th March 2018

How Physiotherapy Helped Me Run After 13 Years of Pain - Guest Blog By Penny Bedford

18th February 2018

Running Marathons in your Seventies – it’s never too late

14th February 2018

Rhwystredigaeth Anafiadau

2nd February 2018

Roller Derby World Cup: Shorty McLightning Pants tells us all about it and how to stay injury free

28th January 2018

How easy is it to find good treatment? Lessons from the National Running Show

12th January 2018

How To Reduce The Risk Of Injury And Speed Up Recovery - Sports Injury Q&A with Amanda Oswald from Pain Care Clinic

4th December 2017

National Running Show - Announcement and free tickets

3rd December 2017

How To Reduce The Risk of injury And Speed Up Recovery - Sports Injury Q&A with Tim Veysey-Smith from Active Podiatry

16th November 2017

Can Chiropractors treat sports injuries?

6th November 2017

Reduce The Risk of Injury & Speed Up Recovery - Sports Injury Q&A with Virginia Williams Physiotherapy, Cardiff

23rd October 2017

How to reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery - Sports Injury Q&A with Brighton Physiotherapy Clinic

9th October 2017

Sports Injuries Q&A with Judy Hattle from Carlisle Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

2nd October 2017

How to reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery by Doug Plunkett, Moveology.

25th September 2017

Endurance: How to go long, have fun and avoid injury by Matthew Dawes

17th September 2017

Marketing for therapists: Who do you want to attract to your business?

13th September 2017

Jeremy Burton's top tip for reducing the risk of injury

8th June 2017

Sports Injury Q&A with Apps Physiotherapy

25th April 2017

How to avoid injury or recover quickly. Top tips from Pete Lion of One Physiotherapy.

6th April 2017

Sports Injury Tips from NM Sports Therapy

27th March 2017

Sports injury tips from Physio Answers

20th March 2017

Sports Injury Tips from Jon Leigh, Osteopath at Gillingham Clinic of Complementary Medicine

15th March 2017

Sports Injury Tips From Sara at Prestige Sport Injury Clinic

9th March 2017

Sports injury tips from Sollus Healthcare

8th January 2017

Should you be doing strength work to reduce your risk of injury?

18th December 2016

What is Sports Massage and how can it help treat and prevent sports injuries?

9th December 2016

What is Chiropractic? How can a Chiropractor treat & help prevent sports injuries?

28th November 2016

What is Osteopathy and how can an Osteopath treat and help prevent sports injuries?

22nd November 2016

Free help to start and grow your business

24th October 2016

What if there is no improvement in my injury after receiving treatment?

21st October 2016

What is a podiatrist or chiropodist?

21st October 2016

What is a sports rehabilitator?

29th September 2016

First triathlon aged 64 by Nigel Sloan

29th September 2016

Key points to help you choose a treatment provider for your sports injury

27th September 2016

What is Sports Therapy?

20th September 2016

When should you see someone about your niggle, pain or injury?

11th June 2016

What is Kinesiology Tape and How Does it Work?

5th June 2016

Pushing yourself to an injury for a status update